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PhotoThemes' Journal

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10th February 2007

emopixels9:36pm: bitmap, vector & pixelate icons
we're trying to search LJ users, who is interested in icons for web, software etc.
if you the one, Welcome!

2nd March 2005

katie42012:02pm: mushrooms tatoos

   Join mushrooms tatoo's    

 MSN Groups

this is pics of tatoo's. This guy takes pics of the tatoo's he has done. Some of them are really nice.

31st July 2003

danica6:06pm: does anyone want to moderate this community? i forgot i had it :D

24th August 2002

plasticlittle5:09pm: Looking for a picture that was posted some time ago. it was of a woman sunbathing and someone dumping water on her but the picture was taken right before the water hit her. I really like this photo and wanted to show it to someone but now i can't find it.. can anyone link me to it? (I believe it was in one of the photo communities i belong to.)

thank you!

23rd August 2002

bassistgih7:59pm: Moderator post a new topic, or someone post a picture?
im not sure if i should post accoriding to the older topic?

I like thos community..dont die..
Current Mood: sad

22nd July 2002

xoalliestarox1:34am: *my new community!*
Please join my new community! It's a place where sexually-uninhibited women can come together and talk about sex and whatever else turns you on. Please read the user info, and join if you would like!!!!



Current Mood: hopeful

19th June 2002

danica10:51pm: this week i want pictures of something you love, love love love
this thing cant be alive or a person, it cant be a shoe, it has to be something you really LOVE, so much that you use it on a regular basis

29th May 2002

saintgem3:40pm: me in limo mirror

28th May 2002

mattcallow2:36pm: fun with mirrors...

museum of optical illusions, keswick, england.

23rd May 2002

carriegurl4:01pm: petting and mirrors..woot

lizvang and carriegurl thats me at a downtown hotel in Toronto Canada.

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